Panda Bear just released his new video for “Slow Motion,” a single off of his Tomboy LP released in April. Noah Lennox, the solo artist and Animal Collective member, has spent his career redefining the boundaries between experimental arrangements and melodic aesthetics in music, thus creating some of the most original tracks in the indie scene today. Tomboy expresses Lennox stepping away from his sample-based parameters as he incorporates more guitar and synthesizer, two features that are notable in clips of the “Slow Motion” music video.

The video follows suit in the progression of the album as it features guitar-heavy psychedelic tones and experimental pop. The song is fluid and heavy, and the music video mirrors the tone of the track as it features quick-cut clips of New York City dispersed between cuts of Panda Bear playing a live show. Make sure to watch the video till the end to catch an exclusive interview with Lennox and footage from his live show at Governor’s Island.