Together Antony Harrison and Birch form Paco Sala, a dreamy synth pop project. Today, via Fact, the duo released “Impossible Places,” the first single off of its forthcoming LP Put Your Hands On Me. The pair’s previous record Ro-Me-Ro used an arsenal of synths to explore lightweight soundscapes, but from the sounds of “Impossible Places” we can expect more distortion, guitar pedals, and mysterious vocals.
The track itself spirals into a collage of smooth synthesizers and frenzied hi-hats; it’s pretty easy to picture this playing at dusk on some beach in southern California. It’s a promising start and signals an album that may sound more complete than the former. Aside from this teaser there isn’t much information about their forthcoming full length around. What we do know that it’s due out on Digitalis this fall. Stream “Impossible Places,” below.