Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist Owen Pallett has released a video for “The Great Elsewhere,” a track off his most recent album Heartland (Domino).

Pallett and tag-team directors Yuula Benivolski and Geoffrey Pugen worked together to create this latest video. This is some serious art school final project kind of stuff here, people. Quick camera cut aways, unidentifiable close ups, distorted color schemes and Pallett’s epic soundtrack come together here to create a chaotic but interesting presentation for both the audio and visual senses. Check it out below.

Once known as a violin prodigy, Pallett has built himself quite the resume over the past decade. Some notable references include his Canadian homeboys from Arcade Fire who hired him out to provide orchestration for both 2004’s Funeral and 2007’s Neon Bible. He also lent his compositional expertise to efforts made by the likes of Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Fucked Up as well as many others. 2010’s Heartland is actually the first solo album he has released under his own name. Before, he released two albums under the moniker Final Fantasy, an ode to the video game of the same name.

Over the next month, Pallett will be playing big shows in both Europe and the US including Friction Festival in Berlin, String Theory Music Festival in Minneapolis and a Steve Reich tribute in London. Check his website for dates and details.