Photo by Drew Reynolds

American singer-songwriter and composer Tom Russell has just announced the September 6 release of his 26th album, Mesabi. The album, which was co-produced by Russell and keyboardist Barry Walsh, is named after the Mesabi iron range in Minnesota, which is the birthplace of Bob Dylan. Dylan provided Russell with inspiration for the album, as did other American icons, such as Elizabeth Taylor and James Dean, and other North American locations, including Juarez, Mexico, a town close to where Russell lives. The singer was especially intrigued by the juxtaposition between Juarez, which is the most dangerous city in the world, and El Paso, TX, which is the safest city in America and just across the border from Juarez.

Russell will be going on tour in September in support of Mesabi. Additionally, his new songs will be featured in filmmaker Monte Hellman’s new film, Road To Nowhere, a book of 60 of his paintings will be released on Bang Tail Press in the fall, and Don’t Look Down, a documentary about his life, should be out soon. Russell can be seen talking about the album in more detail in the following video. Tracklist below.[/vimeo]

Tracklist For Mesabi:
01. Mesabi
02. When The Legends Die
03. Farewell Never Never Land
04. The Lonesome Death Of Ukulele Ike
05. Sterling Hayden
06. Furious Love (For Liz)
07. A Land Called “Way Out There”
08. Roll The Credits, Johnny
09. Heart Within A Heart
10. And God Created Border Towns
11. Goodnight, Juarez
12. Jai Alai
13. Love Abides
14. A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall (Bonus Track)
15. The Road To Nowhere (Bonus Track)