Onra, a beatmaker from France, has released a new video for his tune “Sitting Back.” Edited and produced by Matt Ferran, it echoes the throwback nature of the Parisian’s latest album, Long Distance, which was made using retro samples from ’80s funk records on vinyl. Ferran stitched together clips from various ’80s nightclub videos, much in the same way that Onra sampled from tracks of the same era, and mixed it with some live footage of Onra and his right hand key man Buddy Sativa to create what amounts to a journey back in time.

You’ll never really understand how much ’80s style has infiltrated hipster culture until you watch videos that are actually from the ’80s. The leggings, the bright patterns, the oversized glasses, the legwarmers – they’re all there, unironically. That said, we should probably be thankful that the large plastic earrings, shoulder pads, and big hair didn’t make the cut for this new generation of recycled fashion. If you’re too young to remember what that decade was like, the video for “Sitting Back” is certainly an fun (and educational) experience.