Kieren Dickins, aka DELS, is a UK rapper whose talent is far surpassing his hype. Hailing from Ipswich, a small town in Suffolk, England, the soon-to-break MC drops laid back rhymes over heavy electronic, almost house-like, beats all with a cocky yet approachable demeanor. This is what Jay-Z would sound like if he grew up with the London house movement of the ’90s and felt no need to waste time with raps justifying a past career in drug dealing.

DELS is well connected and using it to his advantage. His network of big name producers and artists are represented well on his debut album. The twenty four-year-old record producing prodigy, Kwes, has credits all over; joining him is Hot Chip’s Joe Goddard, producing both of the MC’s past two singles, “Shapeshift” and “Trumpalump,” as well as adding vocals and some short rhymes. TV On The Radio’s David Sitek even got his hands on the recently released single, “GOB,” and put out a remix that he spent weeks working on, making sure it was just right.

DELS is set to be a one man machine in the industry. Formerly a graphic designer, he takes this experience and applies his creativity to all visual aspects of what he does. He created the cover art for his upcoming debut as well as came up with the concepts and produced all of his music videos, all of which are cinematic triumphs.

Speaking of videos, during the second verse in “Trumpalump,” Dels says “am I dreaming in color black with the white?” The video for that song takes that idea, analyzes it and then runs with it, placing the MC in two juxtaposing worlds of color and darkness. The whole thing was shot using paint to create the two worlds completely ignoring the existence of a CGI—no post production color correction or manipulation here.

Download “Trumpalump” here, or stream it below.

And check out the “Trumpalump” video below as well as the equally amazing video for Shapeshift here.