Kevin Barnes is not afraid to think big. His group, Of Montreal, explores musical styles that range from club-ready R&B to Broadway-ready musicals. His lyrics go deep into explorations of identity and depression. And his live show is a circus of dancers and musicians and day-glo costumes. Now working with Fiona Apple/Kanye West producer Jon Brion, he has a huge sound to match his huge ambitions. Barnes has largely self-produced Of Montreal’s albums (often playing all the instruments too), but on False Priest, Brion drastically widens the canvas, giving the music a newfound clarity, symphonic sweep and thick low-end. Mid-’80s-era Prince seems to be the model here; stacks of swooshing synths, hot-shit guitar solos and cameo turns by art&B divas Solange and Janelle Monáe bring to mind a time when funk freaks, rock kids and art school weirdos all danced at the same night club. And it’s a credit to Barnes’ genius that, as freaky as the music gets, it never overwhelms his lyrics, which regularly achieve avant-garde levels of baffling. (“Unicorns eating baby meat/we got dragon rape if you want it,” for example.)