Kevin Barnes, the frontman of psych-pop boundary-pushers of Montreal has never been one for brevity, but apparently now he’s done with capital letters too. The group’s upcoming album, the follow-up to 2012’s Paralytic Stalks, is called lousy with sylvianbriar, and if the electric kool-aid acid motorcycle cover-art doesn’t have you intrigued, the band has also released the track “fugitive air” as a single. In keeping with the no-caps sense of urgency, the record was recorded in just three weeks in Barnes’ home studio.
“fugitive air” finds Barnes leaving behind the slinky, Prince-inspired art-pop of recent years in favor of a more immediate, rambunctious ’60s garage rock approach. Over an easy-going slide-guitar, Barnes still finds room to inject some juicy psycho-drama into the track, calmly singing “I had no idea how deeply I wounded you/But I don’t need no forgiveness.” It’s not too different from Deerhunter’s recent foray into psychedelic nostalgia, Monomania, but it comes with Barnes’s typical loquaciousness. Check out “fugitive air” and the album’s tracklist below.

Tracklist For lousy with sylvianbriar:
01. fugitive air
02. obsidian currents
03. belle glade missionairies
04. sirens of your toxic spirit
05. colossus
06. triumph of disintegration
07. amphibian days
08. she ain’t speakin’ now
09. hegira émigré
10. raindrop in my skull
11. imbecile rages