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With a sold-out show at the Independent, Odesza dazzled and enthralled the San Franciscan crowd last Friday. Playing most of their catalog from 2012’s Summer’s Gone to last year’s My Friends Never Die EP, Odesza got the crowd swaying, sweating and singing along. The yellow and blue lights seemed to vibrate with each bass punch and vocal pitch chop that echoed through the hall. With its highly trip-hop-tipped yet ambient basslines, Odesza seems to have perfected their take on the chillwave movement.
Setting the tone for the night were Kodak To Graph and D33J. Both electronic artists had their own style of chillwave too, along with notable visuals that seemed to capture the right emotion for their trap-influenced yet ambient sounds that soothed and hyped the crowd for Odesza.
Photos and words by Jason Demetillo.