It’s hard to believe Brooklyn-based producer and Astro Nautico co-founder Obey City doesn’t yet have an official release to his name. But that changes on August 8 when Glasgow’s LuckyMe crew release Champagne Sounds, the first of a two-part EP series to be finished later this year with Merlot Sounds. As with LuckyMe’s last few records, they have produced a short video to capture the essence of the EP. The focus on Champagne Sounds is water and submergence. From the sounds of the sample, the upcoming EP’s will feature some of Obey City’s biggest productions to date.
For Obey City, the emphasis has always been on quality: He puts out one track here, one track there, but never overreaches. The same goes for his label, which has released music from some of the oddest, but consistently impressive artists. There’s a sense here that anything goes, and that, combined with Obey City’s production chops, is what makes his forthcoming releases so exciting. Watch the trailer for Champagne Sounds, below.