Kicking off the first day of CMJ Music Marathon And Film Festival was the College Radio Mixer, held at Le Poisson Rouge. Hosted by the New Zealand Music Commission, the mixer was a station-only event. A wide variety of college radio staff members attended, including music directors and station managers, but also production directors, programmers and promotions managers. The diversity of location was also shown—some stations came from a few miles away, while others flew across the country.
Taking place on the first day of Marathon was perfect timing; many radio peers made it a point to plan ahead and meet up with new acquaintances later in the week at panels and showcases. The station-only requirement also gave those attending a chance to learn about other stations firsthand from the people who work and volunteer there.
Although CMJ staff and members of the NZ Music Commission were there ready to help break the ice, there was little awkwardness to be had. By the time the mixer was almost over, the room was packed with people and filled with the noise of everyone’s conversations, proving how music can turn a room full of strangers into a party full of friends.