This is Fucked Up (literally). Photos by Jake Moore

Love hurts sometimes, such as when a stage diver’s foot lands squarely on your face. This was the scene at the Fucking Valentine’s Day Show—the NYU Program Board’s way of fighting off the V-Day blues. On the bill were acts not quite associated with love, roses, pink, and all that jazz: Canadian hardcore punks Fucked Up, Baltimore’s Double Dagger (featuring a special guest, more on that in a bit), DD/MM/YYYY (pronounced Day Month Year), and Westchester’s own No One And The Somebodies. The general theme of the night was moshing and cupcakes, a theme that was surprisingly successful at turning Kimmel (the NYU student center) into a raucous mosh pit.

No One And The Somebodies
kicked off the night with a quieter brand of punk, more dance-y than any of the acts that would follow. Most of the group’s tracks featured a jam of some sort, which showcased some very talented guitar work. The band was self-deprecating in its humor, although the highlight of their banter was when they mourned Kurt Vonnegut.

DD/MM/YYYY was up next, bringing a much louder brand of rock. The band was the only one that could not quite be described as any brand of punk; instead, it was more like a fuzzier Yeah Yeah Yeahs, without the Karen O screech. The group also asked the crowd to “move their hips like a pharaoh,” in part to celebrate Egypt’s “freedom, or whatever.”

The night got even louder when Double Dagger took the stage. Devoid of any guitars, the trio featured an intensely loud bass guitar and drums backing up the sing/yell vocals from Nolen Strals. The vocalist was the highlight of the set, consistently engaging the crowd, even going as far as jumping into it a few times. At the tail-end of its set, Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus joined the group for a song that mostly consisted of him yelling in that way we all love.

Finally, Fucked Up hit the stage and things got crazy. The up-to-then-calm crowd kicked into high gear, as stage divers and crowd surfers and moshers invaded the crowd. Father Damian, he of the screams, encouraged the crowd as the band kicked through their set, even engaging in a little crowd surfing himself. The band’s sound was as great and as hard as ever, featuring songs from their past albums like the acclaimed The Chemistry Of Common Life as well as a few new ones (including one that Damian called his favorite Fucked Up song ever) from the upcoming David Comes To Life.

As the last moshers limped out of the auditorium, there was only one thing that one could be sure of: no one left the show thinking of “Kiss Me” candies.

Double Dagger

Fucked Up