Photo by Angela Wieland

Prominent New York DJ Jonathan Toubin was injured Thursday morning when a cab drove into his ground-floor room at the Jupiter Hotel in Portland, OR. reports that Toubin was in critical condition Thursday night at OHSU hospital, though he was semi-conscious and able to move his hands and legs slightly when paramedics arrived.
Toubin had been pinned up against the back wall of the room, stuck by the front of the cab. The cab couldn’t be backed out of the room, but Portland Officer Stuart Palmiter and three maintenance men were able to lift the cab’s tires and back the car out of the room to free Toubin. The 52-year-old Radio Cab driver Terry L. Uding reportedly had low blood sugar at the scene and had likely suffered a diabetic emergency when the cab plowed into Toubin’s room. The driver has been treated and released from a local hospital.
Known as the New York Night Train Conductor for his popular nightclub rock and soul DJ shows, Toubin was scheduled to perform at the I’ve Got A Hole In My Soul 5th Anniversary Party Thursday night at the Portland club Rotture.
Benefit parties are already lining up in New York tonight, one at Home Sweet Home and the other at Motor City. Full details here.
01 Mr. Jonathan Toubin’s NY Night Train Soul Clap Classics Vol. 1 (hi-fi wav file) by New York Night Train