Now Now, Mercury Lounge, Now Now Mercury
Fresh of off a two-night stint at Terminal 5 supporting Fun., Now, Now took to a smaller stage in front of a smaller crowd at the Mercury Lounge last night. The members of the Minneapolis-based trio are small in stature, and look like they could quite possibly still be in high school, but after the first song (“Prehistoric”), it became immediately clear that this was not their first rodeo.
Now, Now’s setup included two computers, four guitars, a set of drums, a keyboard and a xylophone, but with only three members on stage to play it, all were doing double-duty. Singer Cacie Dalager was on the ball, rocking hard on guitar and keys as well as handling the majority of the vocal performance. Discarding her hat after the first song, Dalager got down to business, crooning out catchy yet vulnerable lyrics, backed by Jess Abbott on guitar and Brad Hale on drums. The set consisted of mostly tracks from Now, Now’s newest LP, Threads, and that album’s “Wolf” got the largest crowd response, but lone-oldie “Roommates,” from 2010’s Neighbors, was also met with excitement.
It was a very strange combination of temperaments that created the ambiance of the night. The music was soft in its vocals yet harshly rock at its instrumental core, while the band members themselves were all smiles and playful anecdotes. The crowd was so silent between songs that Now, Now felt the need to point it out and interject some funny band chatter in an attempt to relieve the awkwardness.
“Fuck all of you! Don’t ever come to one of our shows again!” yelled Abbot before jumping into “Thread,” the final track of the set. “But also, seriously, thanks for coming.” That statement pretty much sums up Now, Now as a band: a little bit of “fuck you” attitude, compounded by genuine talent and a humble likability that makes the group hard to resist.