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Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn hosted a fully packed lineup last night of loud and louder guitars, getting more aggressive as the night went on, all to the enjoyment of a close sold-out room. First up was Friend who was a bit more lo-fi compared to what was to come, but they still brought enough energy to get the blood flowing. Next was Nancy, a two-piece from Brooklyn who really got the crowd going with their crazed set of “80’s” riffs. Bad Sports was up next, who share members with the headlining band and also the great OBN Ills. The trio’s set was slightly more aggressive than headliner the Novice (formerly Radioactivity, and who also share members with the Marked Men). Nevertheless, one could tell most of the crowd was more familiar with the Novice, as the instantly higher energy in the crowd definitely reflected that. I was expecting more of a pit to form up front, but it was Monday after all. Once the lights went out after the Novice’s last song, everyone was chanting for an encore, and for a moment we thought it just might happen…. Hopefully next time.
Photos by Colin Colfer