Co.Fee, aka Kofi Sefa-Boakye, in ‘Not A Beat, Not A Scene’

Daedelus, aka Alfred Darlington, and a handful of producers team up with director Tom MacVicar to document L.A.’s beat scene in a new 10-minute film. Soundtracked by the music of Shlohmo, Juj, and Daedelus, the documentary, Not A Beat, Not A Scene, finds Darlington speaking about the importance of the L.A. club Low End Theory and the various backgrounds many of the artists come from. The music emerging from L.A. has captured the minds of young artists for better part of the last decade and it’s fitting that someone that has been a staple in the scene has been tapped to help document it. Not to mention the film has a killer soundtrack.
Since 2001 Daedelus has explored IDM and beats through the lens of a classically trained musician. He’s released music on Plug Research, Warp Records, Ninja Tune, Stones Thrown, Soul Jazz, and many more. Besides creating a handful of challenging records he’s known for his distinct live show that revolves around controlled chaos. Watch Not a Beat, Not a Scene via Daily Swarm, below.