The boys of No Age are coming back on August 20 with their fourth release, An Object, via Sub Pop. Yep, the guys are showing face again but the scuzz-rock innovators are looking pretty clean-cut these days and the swank does not end at the combed hair.
Randy Randall and Dean Allen Spunt are taking the role of artists holistically on this one. They performed, produced, recorded and (here’s the grabbing part) prepared and assembled all of the physical packaging for their new album. Recordeded at Gaucho’s Electronics in L.A., with the assistance of Facundo Bermudez, the guys took ownership over what’s theirs—jackets, inserts, labels and all. That’s pretty damn D.I.Y.
Tracklist For An Object:
01. No Ground

02. I Won’t Be Your Generator

03. C’mon Stimmung

04. Defector/ed

05. An Impression

06. Lock Box

07. Running From A-Go-Go

08. My Hands, Birch And Steel

09. Circling With Dizzy

10. A Ceiling Dreams Of A Floor

11. Commerce, Comment, Commence