Just like last week and the week before, the Decemberists top both Radio 200 and Triple A. And Destroyer, our cover artist two weeks ago, saddles up next to Meloy And Co., plopping itself neatly in the No. 2 spot and bumping Tapes N’ Tapes down to No. 3.

And, damn, was it a good week for the status quo.

Afrocubism, a collab between musicians in Cuba and Mali refused to be stopped at New World: it has sat in the No. 1 spot since November 11. No. 1 at Hip-Hop goes, for the fifth week running, to Gangrene, the project from Oh No and the Alchemist. Likewise, French production royals Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter don’t budge as Daft Punk‘s TRON: Legacy soundtrack lords over RPM for the fifth consecutive week. Joe Lovano Us Five looks like a rookie in only its second week atop the Jazz chart.

Only Loud Rock sees a new Master And Commander Of The Far Side Of The Charts: Times Of Grace moves to No. 1 with The Hymn Of A Broken Man.

But there are contenders afoot: Rockabilly queen bee Wanda Jackson’s album The Party Ain’t Over, out on the newly de-Striped Jack White’s Third Man label, is the top mover, climbing 145 places to land at No. 21. And Mogwai was most added. It’s possible that in the coming weeks the Glaswegian post-rock outfit can battle these current mainstays for the top chart positions.