Night Birds - Photo by Keith Marlowe

Night Birds – Photo by Keith Marlowe

New Jersey-based punks, Night Birds, have had a busy 2013. They released a 7” single (on Fat Wreck Chords) and their second proper full-length, Born To Die In Suburbia (Grave Mistake). They toured a lot. I mean, a lot. Probably a good idea now, as, since their inception in 2008, they’ve helped codify an increasingly active NJ/NYC hardcore scene that has flown under most indie-blog radar, though the New York Times tipped their cap. The band also recently fit in some shows during the CMJ Music Marathon, including one on a boat. Singer Brian Gorsegner explains.
Got a crazed story from the recent tour you did?
Nothing all that wild really. We’re the kind of band that likes to kick back and watch the Gator Man on TLC while Ryan takes a bath in a sleazy motel tub with dried blood on the inside of the curtain while drinking a few beers. We did play a show in Hartford, CT, and Poison Idea played, which at this point is Jerry A. and some newer members. But getting a chance to hang out and shoot the shit about records with Jerry A. is something I will never forget.
What are some good bands you caught on the road on the last tour?
We recently did a week and a half with the Zero Boys, so needless to say, seeing them every night fucking ruled! We also got to play with Nervosas in Columbus, OH, Give in Baltimore, MD, and Nuclear Santa Claust in Brooklyn, who are all some of my favorite current bands.
What town did you think was going to suck, but you had a great time?
This last tour was all pretty local, but the tour before we played Kansas City, and while I didn’t think it was going to necessarily suck, we had never played there and it was a Monday, so I guess I had fairly low expectations. It ended up selling out to almost 200 people and the show was a blast! And we topped off with getting some of the best BBQ we’ve ever had before we left town! Thanks KC!
So were you happy with your CMJ shows?
Yeah, sure! We played two Fat Wreck showcase shows for CMJ. The Music Hall of Williamsburg show was pretty good. We played first to a surprising amount of people for it being so early. A fire alarm went off in the middle of the show, so that was funny.
False alarm @ Night Birds show - Photo by Keith Marlowe

False alarm @ Night Birds show – Photo by Keith Marlowe

Then we played that “Rocks Off” cruise ship show on Saturday night, and that was really rad! While we were playing, I noticed this guy who looked like a 60-year old wizard. He was bobbing his head, big smile on his face while we played, he seemed to dig it. Then later after the set I noticed he was hanging with (fellow Night Birds) PJ and Ryan, and they’re having a few drinks. I didn’t think much of it. The show ends, they say goodbye, and we start loading out. I asked Ryan how he came by hanging out with the wizard, and he tells me their conversation started with him complimenting Ryan on the band, and especially Ryan’s drum style. He says, “I was in a band once, you remind me of our drummer Chuck, you guys were great!” Ryan says thanks, didn’t think much of it. As the conversation carried on, he brought up “Chuck” again, this time calling him by his full name—Chuck Biscuits! Turns out it was Dave Gregg, second guitarist for DOA! He then told PJ he thought it was cool our 7″ had a big 45rpm hole because he only listened to music on a juke box!
Moral of the story: always talk to the old wizard at the Fat Wreck Chords showcase.

Turns out Gorsegner and his wife are expecting a baby in two weeks—congrats! But that should mean a well-deserved rest for the Night Birds’ wings for awhile. Meanwhile, check out the video below of a recent cable access show they performed on; and some live shots from some recent NYC gigs, including shots from that wizard-filled boat cruise show!

Photos by Keith Marlowe.
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