The recent influx of college radio stations being bought out or transferring licenses has not gone unnoticed by radio organizations. The National Federation Of Community Broadcasters, or NFCB, will host a webinar on Tuesday, September 27, titled Saving College Radio Stations. The first half of the discussion will concentrate on what stations can do to help inform those individuals holding the station’s license about the value and importance of radio at educational institutions and in the community. This portion will be led by KCSB‘s Elizabeth Robinson, a veteran of KCSB for more than 20 years who has helped to maintain the station’s independent programming, as well as its connection to the university and community.
The second half of the webinar will focus on how a station can work with potential buyers of its license, so that if a station does need to sell, it can do so while preserving its programming and involvement on the college or community level. This portion will be lead by Ken Freedman of WFMU, a station historically known for its free-form programming. He has advised and overseen many license transfers, including the one that took place at WFMU in 1994 when the station became independent from Upsala College, the former owner of its license.
Freedman will also be moderating a similarly titled panel at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival. Saving College Radio will take place at 4 p.m. EST on College Day 2011. Reserve your spot at the NFCB webinar here.