Greg Ginn, the man behind Black Flag, is continuing to evolve musically. His latest project is essentially a one-man band going by the name of Greg Ginn And The Royal We. We Are Amused, the debut album, will be released November 8 on SST. Ginn describes it as, “something new, for new people.” On We Are Amused, Ginn delves into his own brand of electronica. Although the album will definitely feature the guitar artistry for which Ginn is known, it will also feature some different instruments, including a theremin, an electronic instrument that is basically an oscillator, where the person playing it controls the frequency with his or her hands.
Along with the new album, the Royal We will be performing live, starting with a brief tour of Texas. The live shows promise to be visually stimulating, with each song featuring a synched video crafted by engineer and drummer Mike Shear. The videos will highlight cuts from silent films, specifically ones with Charlie Chaplin.
“I try to play what I like to hear,” Ginn states of his new project. “Skrillex. I like him a lot.” For those whose familiarity with Greg Ginn is primarily through the visceral grittiness of Black Flag, it may be surprising to hear this. However, the new direction of this project really shows what an innovator Ginn truly is.
Stream We Are Amused below.
Greg Ginn and the Royal We We Are Amused by monkey11235