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In the recent mini-resurgence of pop-punk, there is also a revival of not only teenage girls gushing over gritty rockers (as opposed to, say, One Direction), but also of bands gushing over each other. This could not have been more present than at last Wednesday night’s show at the Troubadour in Los Angeles where Magic Man and New Politics each were bum rushed on stage by members of Sleeper Agent, the band that was leaving New Politics’ tour after that evening’s performance. Not only did both bands fully embrace Sleeper Agent’s bombardment of their sets, but Magic Man also unabashedly sported Sleeper Agent merch.
Although Magic Man vocalist Alex Caplow high-jumped throughout his band’s entire set, he couldn’t compete with the acrobatics of New Politics’ singer David Boyd. Boyd is known for his breakdancing moves and began the band’s set with a backflip towards the crowd. The audience was full of hardcore fans, surprisingly not entirely made up of teenage girls, who knew the lyrics to almost every single song, new and old. The whole crowd was also willing and able to sing along for surprise covers of T.I.’s Live Your Life, Justin Timberlake’s My Love and Britney Spears’s Hit Me Baby One More Time.
Photos by Annie Lesser.