Photo by Timothy Saccenti

One week after posting the free four-song EP The Ninth Inning , San Diego psych rapper/singer Gonjasufi has announced the date and details for his new mini-album, MU.ZZ.LE. The follow-up to his acclaimed 2010 debut, A Sufi And A Killer, will be released January 24 on Warp.
Coming in at just under 30 minutes in length, MU.ZZ.LE was written on the road and recorded, produced and mixed by Gonjasufi himself at his home in the Mojave Desert. The new record picks up where Gonjasufi left off on A Sufi And A Killer: fuzzed, filtered and reanimated hip-hop and soul, charged with political, social and spiritual commentaries. According to the man, “MU.ZZ.LE was more like knowing that what comes out of the mouth of man, sets man free and defies them. It was me guarding my words and my tongue. These words are less, but I feel like I’m saying more.”
Check out the tracklist below.
Tracklist For MU.ZZ.LE:
01. White Picket Fence
02. Feedin’ Birds
03. Nikels And Dimes
04. Rubberband
05. Venom
06. Timeout
07. Skin
08. The Blame
09. Blaksuit
10. Sniffin’