Lower Dens - Photo by Sean Donnola

Laid-back Baltimore rock band Lower Dens has announced that its second album for Ribbon, titled Nootropics (pronounced no-eh-tro-pics), will be released on May 1 in the U.S. and on April 30 worldwide.
The album title is a reference to the band’s interest in transhumanism, which is the use of technology to extend human capabilities. Yeah, we had to Google it too.
Get an introduction to Nootropics by listening to the first single, “Brains,” posted below.
Lower Dens – Brains by Ribbon Music
Tracklist For Nootropics:
01. Alphabet Song
02. Brains
03. Stem
04. Propagation
05. Lamb
06. Candy
07. Lion In Winter Pt. 1
08. Lion In Winter Pt. 2
09. Nova Anthem
10. In The End Is The Beginning