Adam Pavao and Sarah Ruba may be the perfect couple. Sure, that’s an easy statement to make about any young, hip, attractive pair. But take one listen to their music, and it becomes blatantly clear that the synchronicity between this duo is a match made in pop heaven. Correction: “future pop” heaven.
As any great couple will attest, balance is key. While Ruba’s vocals are stark and often compared to Sade, Pavao’s burgeoning synths project them into the space-age. Each song feels full yet empty, in a way that could only be accomplished by two people who know each other inside and out.
“Relax Your Mind” combines elements of R&B, soul and a dubstep beat with an undeniably catchy hook. The lyrics discuss the formation of a relationship, and Ruba (accurately) emphasizes that what they have created between them is something all their own. “Teen Need” marks one of the funkier moments on the album, with less minimalism and more dancey synths and layered vocals. While it is somewhat of a departure from other songs, it still offers the unique contrast that New Look seems to have mastered. As if we needed any reassurance, “You And I” features both Pavao and Ruba’s vocals repeating, “You and I were meant to be together” over a bouncy pop backing beat.
They say opposites attract, and in the case of New Look’s debut album, this could not prove to be more true. The duo has managed to create its own form of stark intimacy that the members, luckily for us, have translated nearly flawlessly into musical form.