Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg

As we await the June 7 release of Battles’ sophomore LP, Gloss Drop, the experimental, New York City rock group has shared a little taste of “Ice Cream” with us. With the help of a few lovely ladies willing to put their tongues on just about anything, Battles has just revealed a new music video for the single.

The track opens with the repetition of ambient guitar and keyboard chords cruising up to a lively tempo accompanied by a chorus of brutish grunts. And what could be a more perfect visual aid for such a buildup than clips of karate classes and girls in bathtubs. As the song gains momentum, a collage of hipsters takes the stage, showcasing what could be the summer collection at American Apparel. Nonetheless, the colorful backdrop to Battles’ powerful sound and rich vocals makes for a playful environment and remains true to the music. As the track shifts gears at the bridge the video takes an odd turn that features girls licking door knobs, flowers, pinecones, roller skates and, of course, ice cream. The energy rises for the final section, and it is clear that this video goes from strange to weird and back, but when all is said and done, this video is simply one hell of an ice cream party.