For the independent musician, “We don’t need no stinking record labels” has been a mantra of the Internet Age. And sure, you can make music on your laptop and hype it out of that same gadget, all from your bedroom. But then what?
Increasingly, musicians are finding it more and more apparent that, given the myriad of digital distribution arms, endless online promotional tools, potentially lucrative (if confusing) publishing and licensing opportunities, and the messy world of tour booking, actually getting music into audience ears and money into musicians’ pockets is not any easier. And should you decide to take on all that stuff record labels and managers used to do, when is the time for, you know, writing songs? As it turns out, we might need to be calling those gate-keepers back.
Here’s where the aptly named New Artist Model comes in. The brainchild of Dave Kusek, the founder and former CEO of the world’s largest music school, Berkleemusic, one of the main developers of the MIDI standard, and author of the best-selling music business book, The Future of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution, Kusek has taught musicians across the world how to superintend their careers across this complex new musical landscape.
The New Artist Model is an eight-week online course available as a teacher-led version taught by Kusek, or as a self-paced version for you staunchly DIY types. Either way, there’s a wellspring of information and experience available for you to mine, and industry connections to be made, so click here for more information, and start making your music take over the internet rather than all that other stuff taking over you.