Photo by Kerry McNeil

After a somewhat lengthy sound check, Brooklyn-based St. Lucia burst into his new wave beats, getting the audience at Santos Party House moving to some dance-friendly grooves.
Pulsing synth beats, leaning on the ooh ooh ooh-happy chorus and bouncing guitar melodies, along with a banging tambourine had many audience members singing along to St. Lucia’s saccharine electro-pop vocals. Slowing down to a light synthy decrescendo and then bubbling right back up with more sweet vocals, a heavy bass-drum beat and chiming keyboard sounds, St. Lucia sang, “Time to go away,” and it was anything but that for the crowd. Moving right along into “All Eyes On You,” from his upcoming debut EP, ethereal synths and an irresistibly catchy chorus with sparkling notes from the keyboardist was a crowd favorite. St. Lucia and the band members backing him were all clearly having a great time, moving around constantly to the beat and smiling at each other as they played. Though St. Lucia’s vocals sounded vaguely like George Michael on the third song, a piercing guitar solo made the track feel more current, and it continued into the chorus. Plucking strings on a keyboard loop opened “The Old House Is Gone,” as St. Lucia’s longer vocal melodies merged with the bass and the vocals from the keyboardist, ending in a rolling drum line and skyrocketing synths.