There will be a public viewing and funeral for Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale, the iconic hip-hop vocalist who died last week at the age of 41 from congestive heart failure. This Friday, the public will be invited to view Nate Dogg at the New Hope Baptist Church in Long Beach, CA. On Saturday, Nate Dogg’s funeral will be at the Long Beach Cruise Terminal. The public will be allowed in, but no cameras will be permitted.

Nate Dogg’s death has sent a stir across the music community, and tributes have poured in. Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Dam-Funk, Mayer Hawthorne and P Diddy honored Nate Dogg together onstage at SXSW, as did Wiz Khalifa in his showcase. The Game released a tribute song called “All Doggs Go To Heaven (RIP Nate Dogg)” that samples Dr. Dre. Eminem was quoted by E! Online as saying that “Nate’s voice in music will never be replaced,” and Rick Ross told MTV News that “he just had that kind of commanding voice that everybody loved.” Even Lil Wayne paused during his set on tour last week to pay tribute to the singer.