He might not be the only Canadian music journalist you know, but he’s definitely the most outrageous. Vancouver-based Nardwuar The Human Serviette recently spoke at TEDxVancouver, spilling the beans on some of his secrets to success. The 23-minute talk serves both as an educational guide for aspiring interviewers/journalists and a highlight reel of Nardwuar’s greatest interview moments.

The celebrity journalist shares many clear messages of advice throughout the talk, one being, “If you’re not nervous you shouldn’t be doing interviews.” It’s clear throughout the lecture that Nardwuar’s bizarre, outgoing and borderline invasive interview techniques don’t come from a personality disorder but rather the determination he has had throughout his career to produce exciting discussions. Other highlights include transforming an angry, resistant Henry Rollins into a sincere interviewee, getting a shout-out from Snoop Dogg as “[his] nephew from Vancouver, the Canuck, Mr. Nard ‘Stay Hard’ Wuar” and convincing serious politicians to thrust their pelvises in the spirit of his famous “hip-flip” game.