Athens, GA, label the Mylene Sheath has signed a deal with Redeye Distribution, joining a roster of labels that includes Hydra Head, Sargent House, Warp, Barsuk and Thrill Jockey. “It’s humbling to be in such esteemed company, especially since many of the labels that have helped us along the way, and were indeed influences in our own decision to even start a record label in the first place, call Redeye home,” said Mylene Sheath owners Lindsay Palmer and Joel Proper in a press release.
The two companies have a lot in common; they’re run by their original founders, have no corporate ties and help recording artists cast a wider net via indie release. Heck, they’re even both in the South, with Redeye in North Carolina and Mylene Sheath in Georgia. November 18 marks the first street date for the pair, which will put out Beware Of Safety‘s Leaves/Scars and Beneath Oblivion‘s From Man To Dust. Dates for future releases are slated for November 22 and December 6. As for what records will come out then, you’ll know when we do.