Today marks the 28th anniversary of indie-electro singer/songwriter Muhsinah‘s birth, and to celebrate the artist is offering free downloads of her new double EP, Gone. The Washington, D.C., native wrote the EP while touring and recording, and she produced it at her home in Brooklyn, NY. In order to construct a recording booth, Muhsinah covered her bedroom closet in Auralex studio foam and rigged the space with recording equipment. The result is a two-part EP that aims to capture two sides of Muhsinah’s character by reinterpreting and rerecording some of the same songs for both parts of Gone.

Although the two EPs, titled Suburban and Urban, share a common theme and lyrics, they tackle two distinctly different moods in their composition: The songs on Suburban feature more “lavish instrumentation,” while Urban takes on an electronic sound with synths and drum machines in place of guitars and pianos. Dan Smith of the Noisettes helped Muhsinah transform the synth melodies she composed into guitar riffs as part of the process of reinterpreting the same track for the double EP.

Muhsinah will be hosting a live chat on her website tonight, July 20, at 9 p.m. EST. Check below for the tracklisting for Gone, and download the EP here.

Tracklist For Gone:
01. One
02. Stop And Go
03. Gone

01. Down To 1
02. Stop
03. Till I’m Gone