Muffs Press Photo by Vicki Berndt
Never-say-die L.A. power poppers the Muffs have announced plans to reissue their excellent self-titled debut album. Originally released in 1993, it’s reappearance couldn’t be better timed. Not only is it a near perfect summertime, windows-down and flipping jerks off soundtrack, but the kind of huge hook, non-dorky baggy shorts pop-punk the Muffs perfected from the get-go that has influenced loads of latterday garage bands. Not to mention that the Muffs have a fine recent album, Whoop Dee Doo, on a label of said-influenced bands (Burger) and are still out there, chewing gum and kicking out kick drums on stages across the land.

Originally produced by Rob Cavallo (who would go on to make a few bucks producing Green Day) and ace alt-rock A&R man David Katznelson, this reissue has been fully remastered and includes a couple lost cassingle B-sides and eight, great previously unreleased demos of leader Kim Shattuck strumming through her grumpy bubblegum moods. Add in loads of liner notes from Shattuck and bassist Ronnie Barnett and reams of those cool, over-saturated ’90s band photos, and you’ve got the reissue of the year so far.

And Shattuck, who recently did time as the Pixies bassist in 2013, also has her late-80s paisley-punk band the Pandoras together and out touring again, including guitarist Melanie Vammen, who was in the Muffs on the debut.

Check out the trailer for The Muffs reisue below, and some quickie quips from Shattuck and Barnett. The reissue comes out August 14 on Omnivore Recordings.

Where/when were those solo demos made?
Kim Shattuck: Those solo demos were done at my mom’s house in my bedroom. I sat on the ground Indian style and recorded to my Tascam four-track.

Where was the debut recorded? And what was the Muffs’ studio diet?
KS: There were a bunch of studios. The one in Korea town was for basic tracks, and it was small. There was another studio that was owned by one of the Jacksons and it was in the hills. I don’t remember what we ate. Any production with Rob Cavallo is going to have lavish meals. I’m not sure how long it took, but it was so long we ran our budget into the ground. We used to invite friends over to eat with us.
Ronnie Barnett: The food was always top notch! That’s actually probably what most of the $125,000 budget was spent on.
KS: Rob likes food. I occasionally like food. I had to rush through the vocals on All For Nothing because of Rob’s budgetary oopsies.