Mount Eerie, the band moniker of Phil Elverum, will release two new albums this year. The first, Clear Moon, drops on May 22, with the second album, Ocean Roar, following later in the year. Both albums will be distributed through Elverum’s label, P.W. Elverum And Sun.
Since Mount Eerie’s 2009 release, Wind’s Poem, Elverum established a new recording studio dubbed “the Unknown” in an old de-sanctified church in Anacortes, WA. Clear Moon and Ocean Roar are the first Mount Eerie recordings to be released from “the Unknown.” But while the new songs carry a church aesthetic, Clear Moon will be more about small-town life and the moments of clarity that accompany it. Mount Eerie cites Popol Vuh, Menace Ruine as inspiration for the 15-month-long recording process.
Tracklisting for Clear Moon and a performance of Mount Eerie playing “Between Two Mysteries” from Wind’s Poem are below.[/vimeo]
Tracklist For Clear Moon:
01. Through The Trees Pt. 2
02. The Place Lives
03. The Place I Live
04. (Something)
05. Lone Bell
06. House Shape
07. Over Dark Water
08. (Something)
09. Clear Moon
10. Yawning Sky
11. (Synthesizer)