by Lisa Hresko, Dan Jackson, and Lizzie Plaugic
Now that we’ve wrapped up our comprehensive (and objectively correct) overview of 2013’s bountiful first half (check out our album, song and video lists), it’s time to look ahead to what the rest of the year has in store.
The first half of the year was full of surprises—My Bloody Valentine, Boards Of Canada, Daft Punk and Justin Timberlake all came out of some form of hibernation—so consider this a tentative list of records we’re hoping to hear by the end of the year. You never know when Jeff Mangum or the Pixies will announce a plan to release a new album via a Samusung Galaxy phone. But here are 15 albums we’re pretty confident will be in your earbuds by the end of December.

AlunaGeorgeBody Music (Island)

Release Date: July 29
“Attracting Flies” landed on our best tracks of the year (so far) list, but it’s not the the only song from the U.K. upstart duo that’s got us eagerly awaiting a full-length. “You Know You Like It,” “Just A Touch” and “Your Drums, Your Love” are love-lost electro-pop delights, and a testament to the inert subtly of the cooing vocals-and-beats pairing. – LH

Arcade FireN/A

Release Date: TBA
How do you follow-up a Grammy-winning, chart-topping concept album about suburban ennui? Throw a dance party. There’s very little information about the upcoming Arcade Fire that could (or could not) come out later this year, but we do know that the indie rock juggernaut has logged time in the studio with wayward LCD Soundsystem mastermind James Murphy. Hopefully the DFA figurehead will bring a touch of that ragged “House of Jealous Lovers” punk energy to the group’s increasingly baroque arrangements. – DJ

CHVRCHESThe Bones Of What You Believe (Glassnote)

Release Date: September 23
“Recover” is an easy contender for song of the summer, but the Glaswegian trio has no intention of stopping there. Collect all of CHVRCHES’ best tracks, “Gun,” “The Mother We Share,” “Lies,” and you already have the beginning of a robust album. Based on the still young band’s track record, we’re pretty sure the new tracks will be anything but filler. – LH

Earl SweatshirtDoris (Odd Future Records)

Release Date: July
After two insular and often insipid solo albums from Odd Future leader Tyler, The Creator, there’s presumably a lot of pressure for the collective’s youngest rapper and sharpest lyricist to deliver a full-blown classic. The tracks we’ve heard so far—the pensive “Chum” and the head-knocking “Whoa”—suggest that the album will find Earl attempting to strike a balance between his early mayhem-filled tracks and his more thoughtful, mature view point. Even though he’s still only 19, he doesn’t seem to be crumbling from the pressure—feels more like he’s feeding off it. – DJ

Emilíana TorriniThe Bones Of What You Believe (Rough Trade)

Release Date: September 9
Most famous for her contribution to the Lord Of The Rings series with “Gollum’s Song,” the Icelandic singer-songwriter’s lovely 2008 album Me And Armini flew sadly below the radar in the U.S. indie media while up against huge releases from Gizzly Bear, Fever Ray, Animal Collective, Dirty Projectors, Phoenix and, well, you get it. Anyway, we’re expecting nothing less than another ominous and spine-tingling record from Ms. Torrini. – LH

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