Banned from many of its hometown venues, Tel Aviv’s Montonix has returned to rock the western hemisphere with its latest album, Not Yet. Escaping the suffocating confines of its homeland’s noise policies, Montonix decided to tour the United States and Europe alongside bands that include Silver Jews and Ted Leo And The Pharmacists. Known for its raucous live shows and eye opening stage antics, Monotonix is the very definition of pandemonium. But just because the band likes to set its equipment on fire does not mean they don’t take their music seriously.

Monotonix’s second full length album, Not Yet, has all the thumping energy of debut Where Were You When It Happened? At times, Not Yet could do with some variation, but lead singer Ami Shalev does a smashing job at keeping up with the full throttle pace of the band’s latest work. Recorded by engineering extraordinaire Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies), Not Yet epitomizes the band’s don’t-give-a-damn persona. Amongst hazy guitar rhythms and pounding beats, Shalev has a vast vocal range that can go from a well trained scream to a drawn out growl. “Nasty Fancy” sets the mood with melodic grunting and constant unrest; “Give Me More” also exhibits some uncontrollably fast vocals and epitomizes the energy of Monotonix. Alas, the listener only gets a time-out with their very last track “Late Night,” where Shalev and company put the breaks thumping vivacity that makes up the rest of Not Yet. Montonix’s latest installment is just as spirited as its live shows, but doesn’t include all the sweat and fear of burning to death.