Calm Blue Sea

Modern Outsider, an Austin, TX-based upstart label, is expanding its business. The label’s husband-and-wife founding team, Chip and Erin Adams, has announced it has signed the indie rock trio Ume and the experimental, instrumental rock band Calm Blue Sea. The label will be releasing albums form both bands this summer.

Ume is a distortion-loving rock three-piece that has played with the likes of Marnie Stern, Arcade Fire, the Meat Puppets and many others. In 2007, the group self-released its debut EP, Sunshower. Now on Modern Outsider, the group will be releasing its much anticipated debut full-length, Phantoms. Ume was actually one of those unsigned 16 bands that was competing for the Rolling Stone cover contest earlier this year. Thank god the group can disqualify itself from that contest now.

Calm Blue Sea seems to take a less frantic but equally energetic approach when compared to Ume. All songs are epic instrumentals, taking on a similar dark quality to Mogwai but with more concentration on composition instead of on producing atmosphere. The group self-released a self-titled full-length back in 2008, gained a following and then sadly, due to lack of funds, fell off the radar for a while. Now, after being resurrected by Modern Outsider, 2008’s self-titled release will be made available again, this time hopefully to be picked up by a larger audience.

Modern Outsider’s founders are music industry veterans who have worked in radio promotion, digital marketing and the editorial side of the industry. Now, with a 6-month-old record label, the two are happy to be directly releasing good music. Erin Adams tells CMJ she is “incredibly honored to be working with two of Austin’s finest bands,” adding that she and her husband have been fans of the two groups and that it “feels amazing to now be in a position where [they] can spread the word even farther.”

The exact release dates for both albums have not been released. Check back with the label’s website for more details and future updates.