Photo by Annie Lesser

Last Thursday night was the second of Moby’s three concerts at The Fonda (formerly the Music Box) in L.A., promoting his new album, Innocents. These shows are the only concerts Moby will be doing to promote the album.
The first set of this evening, Moby performed all the songs off his new album with the amazing support of collaborators Inyang Bassey, Al Spx (of Cold Specks), Damien Jurado, Mark Lanegan and Skylar Grey. The one performer from Innocents missing was Flaming Lips‘ frontman, Wayne Coyne, who sings on the track The Perfect Life. Although Coyne wasn’t there to perform, Moby finished his first set with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti rocking it on keys. Moby called Garcetti the “future president of the United States!”
After a half-hour intermission, Moby came back with over an hour and a half of his greatest hits, plus an accoustic reprise of The Perfect Life, sans the future Prez. The second set featured many more show-stopping vocal performances by Bassey. When Skylar Grey came back for a song, Moby made a bad Breaking Bad joke, talking about how much he hated Skylar White, and that he got the right color Skylar. Before playing We Are All Made of Stars, Moby made his political statement for the evening, stating how he was going to dedicate the song to NASA even though he felt he shouldn’t due to the Republicans shutting down the government to keep healthcare from thousands of citizens. The only other passionate declarations from Moby were about how much he loved being a rave kid. At one point he sat down on the stage and pretended to be part of Ravers Annonymous, describing how it started small: “Listening to a Prodigy record, and next thing I know glow sticks are everywhere and I’m skipping school to buy new records.”
Throughout the show Moby constantly made sure everyone was having fun and stated how not cool he was. But despite talking about how much he thought Tardigrades were aliens, he continues to rock as a nerdy rave kid better than any hipster cool kid could.
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