Somewhere amongst the whirlwind of flashy, dance-heavy, electro-inspired music that has been pouring out of Brooklyn of late, there manages to be a scene of almost folk-based, shoegaze bands that aims to please in a less aggressive way. Minks manages to do just that with their debut album By The Hedge, a passive 12 song set that toes the line between nostalgic sadness and bright optimism with remarkable ease.

Minks appears to have the goal first and foremost of creating a certain mood through simplistic yet carefully choreographed instrumentation. Throughout the album, the vocals of Joe Walsh and Hayley Akins mix together to produce somewhat sarcastic-sounding harmonies that go almost perfectly over the light synth lines and shimmering electric guitar. Most of the vocals are practically incomprehensible, however it might be best that they kept it that way. On “Funeral Song” for example, Walsh’s Bob Dylan-style mumbling makes no attempt at achieving anything close to a lyrical base for listeners to grab onto. The verse however leads to the simple, nostalgic chorus of, “So long summertime/not coming back,” leaving the listener with one triumphant line and a glimpse into what the band’s primary focus might be.