Photos by Jeremy Cook

Breathy indie popsters Milagres had a number of things to celebrate. One: the kickoff of a two month-long US tour that includes stops at SXSW as well as cities in every other direction. Two: the recent purchase of a sketchy tour van (keyboardist Chris Brazee sarcastically/optimistically described it as “the cleanest van we looked at”). Three: Milagres is the latest signing to Kill Rock Stars, home to famed acts such as Elliott Smith, the Decemberists and Deerhoof over the years. Four: said label will be putting out Milagres’ new full length record, Glowing Mouth next fall.

Now that’s lot to get excited about. And so was the fact that the venue was absolutely packed—sold out if you want to get specific. In this crowded, yet surprisingly still room, Milagres started with “Here To Stay,” a floaty number with a light, carrying reverb. The first line, “I was restless,” seemed kind of appropriate; the band was a bit nervous and it showed. It loosened up as the show went on, steady unfaltering beats and uncanny concordance driving through the set. Pleasantly jarring keyboard riffs complemented built-up harmonies. The crowd followed its lead, growing bolder as each song passed.

After its final number, Milagres closed out with a few echoey minutes of instrumentals. Chords crashed over each other, building and at the same time breaking down layers of sound until it all disappeared into itself. As Milagres exited the stage, a sense of finality was lacking, but not at all in a bad way. Maybe because this was the first of many shows— literally (albeit cheesily) a beginning.