A good way to get new fans out of people who may not have heard your music is to have memorably interesting stage banter. Milagres, the five-piece lo-fi pop outfit from Brooklyn, are followers of this theory. During their reverb-filled 35 minute set, the band’s members all joked back and forth with each other and with the crowd, mostly in a self-depreciating yet fun manner. “You’re gonna get the full set tonight. First time doing that. Not sure how it’s gonna go,” said the guitarist, before his band all cracked and up and reasserted that they had never played this long before

The band’s sound could have stood up on its own, however; fuzzy guitars blended with some methodical drumming and some rather minimal keyboard, producing a pleasantly loud and melodic brand of “chillwave.” Milagres also took some risks, including ending with a long, eight-minute epic (“It’s a three part suite, with lots of movements. It’s incredibly long. You’ll be bored by the end.”) that felt much shorter in all the best ways. Although they were playing to a relatively small crowd (my estimate would be around 40 people), the group played with a confidence usually seen in bands that have been selling out arenas for years, and they backed it up with a fun onstage presence that went over well with the crowd, who asked for more even as the band was already packed up.