Punk opera pioneer Mike Watt will release his fourth solo album (his third punk “opera”) on March 1 via ORG Music/Clenchedwrench. The work titled Hyphenated Man is comprised of 30 songs, each depicting a different figure in a work by painter Hieronymous Bosch.

Previously a member of the Minutemen, Watt took inspiration for this album through listening to his previous group for the first time since its guitarist, D. Boon, was killed in a car accident. This album follows Watt’s second opera, The Secondman’s Middle Stand from 2004 and his first opera in 1997, Contemplating The Engine Room.

Watt first arrived on the music scene with the Minutemen in 1980 before disbanding in 1985 and joining Firehose from 1986 to 1994. Watt began his solo career in 1995 releasing Ball-Hog Or Tugboat?, then started work on his punk operas. Recently, Watt has stood in as bassist for Iggy Pop and the Stooges.

A 51-date tour for Mike Watt And The Missingmen (his backing band) begins in early March in Santa Barbara.

Tracklist For Hyphenated Man:

01. Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man

02. Beak-Holding-Letter-Man

03. Hammering-Castle-Bird-Man

04. Brid-In-The-Helmet-Man

05. Belly-Stabbed-Man

06. Stuffed-In-The-Drum-Man

07. Baby-Cradling-Tree-Man

08. Hollowed-Out-Man

09. Finger-Pointing-Man

10. Own-Horn-Blowing-Man

11. Fryingpan-Man

12. Head-And-Feet-Only-Man

13. Shield-Shouldered-Man

14. Cherry-Head-Lover-Man

15. Mouse-Headed-Man

16. Antlered-Man

17. Pinned-To-The-Table-Man

18. Confused-Parts-Man

19. Bell-Rung-Man

20. Boot-Wearing-Fish-Man

21. Thistle-Headed-Man

22. Funnel-Capped-Man

23. Blowing-It-Out-Both-Ends-Man

24. Jug-Footed-Man

25. Lute-And-Dagger-Man

26. Mockery-Robed-Man

27. Hill-Man

28. Hell-Building-Man

29. Man-Shitting-Man

30. Wheel-Bound-Man