Miike Snow had a few chips stacked against it during its attempt to turn Brooklyn’s Music Hall Of Williamsburg into an interstellar rave on Tuesday. Scheduled opener Jacques Lu Cont bowed out from the set earlier in the day, putting extra pressure on the show’s only other opener, alcohol, and Tuesday night is typically not the ideal occasion for a marathon chemical binge. Happy To You, the luscious sophomore LP from Swedish producer duo Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg (aka Bloodshy And Avant, of “Toxic” fame) and their golden-voiced New York buddy, Andrew Wyatt, was barely seven days old, and the mixed-age crowd seemed mostly unfamiliar with new material beyond the band’s bonkers Perfect Human video trilogy. And logistically, compared to the 3000-capacity warehouse heights of Terminal 5, where Miike Snow has three sold-out shows scheduled at the end of April, the MHOW’s 550-capacity ballroom is a Millennium Falcon in the shadow of an Imperial Star Destroyer. Despite these ostensible disadvantages, the show sold out at warp speed, the liquor flowed like Bantha fodder and Miike Snow’s five-man dance invasion blew minds and ear drums for 90 exhausting minutes.
In matching silver masks, and to massive applause, the band took its battle stations at blinking plastic terminals, keyboards and auxiliary percussion modules arrayed around the stage as the ebbing gravity tube chords of Happy To You opener “Enter Joker’s Lair” counted down to liftoff. The band shed its masks (no doubt a little uncomfortable under the armada of strobing spotlights overhead) for the piano-driven march “The Wave” while sheets of white light and laser beams blasted in sync with the beat. The packed crowd was audibly ecstatic but didn’t totally get into the groove until the iconic introductions of older tracks like “Cult Logic” and “Silvia” filled the hall. Older material ruled the night, despite the literal beacons of holy light pulsing along to new tracks in a cry to, “Please worship this stuff!”
Even the relatively unfamiliar new selections offered undeniable live satisfaction. The sound balance was a pitch-perfect match to Karlsson and Winnberg’s studio perfectionism, and frontman Wyatt was a dynamic spokesman for the team’s innocuous dance tunes, moving fluidly between a distant keyboard, flanks of center stage mic stands and, occasionally, what sounded like an electric autoharp. He’s also genuinely amusing to watch: Wyatt’s move of choice is doubling over as if socked in the gut before every glorious instrumental buildup, then leaping erect after the drop, long locks flailing behind him.

Though the main stretch leaned heavily on Happy To You material, the band’s encore was a double dose of cathartic nostalgia in “Sans Soleil” and explosive single “Animal.” The spacey set had only one slump, between the comparatively un-danceable new ballad “God Help This Divorce” and the slow open of “Black And Blue,” but otherwise the set proved an attractive, energy-efficient vehicle for delivering fresh material. With a track record of packaging blockbuster hits for Britney, J-Lo and Kylie Minogue, Miike Snow’s core producer duo are wizards in the art of the sale. Terminal 5 ticketholders: pack your things for a trip.
Setlist for Miike Snow:
01. Enter Joker’s Lair
02. The Wave
03. Cult Logic
04. Bavarian #1
05. Burial
06. Pretender
07. Silvia
08. God Help This Divorce
09. Black And Blue
10. Paddling Out
11. Vase
12. Black Tin Box
13. Devil’s Work
01. Sans Soleil
02. Animal