Sprightly Icelandic singer Björk is set to release Biophilia, her seventh full-length studio album and first since 2007’s Volta, September 26, but it will be far from a typical album release: Biophilia is a multimedia project that will be released as an iPad app. The app will be made up of 10 smaller apps, each corresponding to one of the 10 tracks on the album, and will have ways for the listener to interact with the sonic palette.

In keeping with that technology theme, the just-released music video for “Crystalline,” a new track off of the upcoming album, is appropriately otherworldly. Directed by frequent Björk video collaborator Michel Gondry, the four-minute video takes you to outer space—if outer space were a place where the moon’s craters regularly changed colors, crystals sprang up out of blackness and there were a previously undiscovered planet with Björk’s face on it. It’s outer space on acid: Bright colors fly across the desolate landscape in various patterns, green and red light shoots out of the singer’s face, and a multicolored beaded curtain made out of light falls in front of the utter blackness. Throughout it all, Björk’s powerful voice is the focus, and even when the drums enter in the final minute and the visuals gain speed, it remains the steady gravitational force anchoring the entire piece. Watch the video below.