MF Doom’s first solo effort and hip-hop classic Operation: Doomsday will be released completely remastered and full of goodies this coming spring via Doom’s own Metalface Records. The album that signaled the return of former KMG lyricist, reborn as a masked MC, had a rough ride up the mountain of appreciation that it currently sits upon. Doomsday was taken off the production line very soon after its original release,
making both the album and LP instant collector’s items for hip-hop fanatics everywhere. It was then released on other labels with different track listings.

Doom is finally controlling the release now. He’s choosing the tracklist while also adding in other b-sides and instrumentals spanning across two CDs and four LPs. The boxset will also includes a 32-page lyric book and ten doom cards—all of which will be contained in a lunch box.

The original artwork was a picture of Dr. Doom rocking a mic. However, legal troubles with the cover’s creator held up the re-release, so a newer, updated cover has been created by Jason Jagel, the artist who did the album cover for Doom’s second solo album Mm..Food. The Mm..Food cover was completed in less than a day with the only later change being the removal of a blunt from the painting at Doom’s request.

No price or specific release date has been announced for the boxset as of now. It was actually originally announced in 2009 but didn’t come out then due to setbacks, so let’s hope that nothing gets in the way this time.