Emily Haines (Metric) - Photo by Emily Korn

Emily Haines (Metric) – Photo by Emily Korn

This was a tough one to review, as I was in the stadium for all of 15 minutes. At a venue of this magnitude, you usually get the “You can only take pictures for the first three songs” deal. So I had to leave after that. However, during those 15 minutes, Metric’s electric leader, Emily Haines, instantly ignited an energy level that matches, if not exceeds, Paramore’s Hayley Williams, who would be taking the stage with her band as headliner right after Metric’s set. The recently renovated Garden was well over half-full already by the time Metric took stage, pretty impressive when you consider the venue seats nearly 20,000-plus for concerts. And Metric looked rightfully excited for the opportunity.
Photos by Emily Korn.
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