Danish progressive/death metal crew, Mercenary, will release Metamorphosis, its sixth studio album March 29 through Prosthetic Records. Though Danish fans will receive the album more than a month before that, American listeners get “Incorporate Your Dreams,” the album’s bonus track.

The band, known for its in-your-face breakdowns and soaring, Iron Maiden-style epics, actually went through some rough times about a year ago when the drummer, keyboard player and singer left the band due to escalating personal and creative differences. The band has rebuilt itself with a new line-up. In addition to the transmutative title, the band will be symbolizing this by adding a phoenix, the mythological creature of immortality and rebirth, to the cover of the new album. Mercenary seems to be doing fine with the new line up. In fact, guitarist Jakob Mølbjerg was quoted in a press release describing the upcoming album as “one bad fucker.”

Tracklist for Metamorphosis:
01. Through The Eyes Of The Devil
02. The Follower
03. In A River Of Madness
04. Memoria
05. Velvet Lies
06. In Bloodred Shades
07. Shades Of Grey
08. On The Edge Of Sanity
09. Black Brigade
10. Incorporate Your Demons