Melody’s Echo Chamber is Paris-residing musician Melody Prochet’s trippy dream-pop solo project. And it’s aptly named: In an interview, she revealed that name came from a dream she had where her “bedroom’s acoustics changed into infinite echo mode.”
The album that resulted from this abstract head space has a distorted shoegaze feel, which can be attributed to the assistance of Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker on production and recording. Parker helped to fuzz up Prochet’s tidy chords, a product of her being trained in classical music, which she has repeatedly described in interviews as an experience so intense that she eventually grew sick of it. Once she left the French countryside and moved to Paris for school she discovered rock and other modern genres that inspired her to create new music and participate in more pop-sounding bands, including My Bee’s Garden and the Narcoleptic Dancers.
The first two tracks on the album—the breathy, ’60s-pop-inspired “I Follow You” and the scratchier rock-influenced “Crystallized”—are the catchiest, and it’s obvious why they were selected to be her singles. The songs seem to devolve into something more raw and experimental, including a couple of songs where she sings in French for the first time. Melody’s Echo Chamber closes with “Be Proud Of Your Kids,” a song that includes somewhat distracting samples of a French girl gurgling and babbling in the background. Although it could have ended on a stronger note, it’s a fitting conclusion to the pleasant trip through Melody’s spacey dreamworld.