They say you never get a second chance at first impressions. Trailer Trash Tracys needs only one. By way of introduction the band has a video from its debut album, Ester, due to arrive February 7 via Domino. As a visual/sound experience, “You Wish You Were Red” is a kaleidoscope, full of shifting, blooming colors. Drum machine thumps and a three-note bass riff serve as grounding as singer Susanne Aztoria’s vocals try and pull you out into space. The song’s strength is in daydream-inducing hooks like Aztoria’s ghostly voice or guitarist Jimmy Lee’s jangly, sharp, sparse guitar chords.

Not much is known about this London foursome. At a glance these guys are as ethereal as the music they play. Spiraling tracks like “Engelhardt’s Arizona” form part of a luscious, dark soundscape. You can get a taste of that track here. As the sun sets sooner and nights get longer, these nocturnal tours will be right at home on any playlist for a deep, dark night. The band is currently wrapping up a tour of Europe, and once the record hits American shores, we’ll get another video. Stay tuned.

Tracklist For Ester:
01. Rolling – Kiss The Universe
02. You Wish You Were Red
03. Dies In 55
04. Engelhardt’s Arizona
05. Los Angered
06. Starlatine
07. Candy Girl
08. Strangling Good Guys
09. Black Circle
10. Turkish Heights