MC Lars, the self-proclaimed forefather of “post-punk laptop,” has released a mixtape called Indie Rocket Science, which features guest appearances from Sage Francis, Weerd Science, and MC Chris. Lars samples Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow” on one track and Tegan And Sara’s “Walking With The Ghost” on another, ending up with a genre-crossing final product that has become the norm for the California MC.

Lars has made news in the past for his progressive views on music piracy, embracing it as a way to spread his music. Earlier this year, he told CNN Money, “We’re pro-piracy because if a kid has my entire catalog and comes to a show, he’ll bring his friends,” saying that he makes most of his money from merchandise and touring anyway. In keeping with that philosophy, Lars has made the new mixtape available for free download on his Bandcamp page.

MC Lars will spend summer 2011 playing on the Vans Warped Tour, and his forthcoming LP, Lars Attacks!, drops later this summer. Download Indie Rocket Science here.